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  • Reiki  a form of therapy that uses simple hands on, no hands, and visualization techniques with the goal of improving the flow of life energy within a person.

  • ​​Crystal Surgery  ​a method for operating directly on the energy field and energy body, in such a way that through systematic, direct changes in these two systems, indirect changes are simulated in the physical body. 

  • Heart Resonance a system that supports one to fully align to new awakening, and helps one immerse into a conscious love-based creation. 

  • ​Crystology  a form of gemstone therapy developed by Melody, author of "Love is in the Earth" . Through the utilization of intention, and accessing the energy of the Mineral Kingdom, a Crystalology session can help restore physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance.

  • Kolaimni  a non touch form of energy medicine.  A trained Kolaiminist will work with their hands within the body's electromagnetic sheath ( human energy field) approximately half inch to an inch over the physical body. Short manipulative strokes infuses restorative energy into the recipient. These energies come from "source" or universal life energy, and are known as Etheric Massage. 

  • Hypnotherapy  Our certified Hypnotherapist access the subconscious mind through counseling. Successful at releasing old habits, emotional healing, and healing the inner child.

  • Past Life Regression  the use of hypnosis to retrieve historical information from childhood or past lives. 

  • ​Shamanic Journey  a method of finding healing, wisdom, and answers as well as personal knowledge through Shamanic meditation to balance the physical and spiritual world. 

  • Vibrational Healing  Tuning Forks are used to produce harmonic vibration to relieve stress and pain and bring homeostasis to the body. 

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Enchanted Moments is dedicated to helping others on their spiritual path. We offer a variety of services that foster spiritual growth, creativity, and attract positive energy into our daily lives. We offer classes, seminars, webcasts, readings, and healing sessions year round. Check out our calendar for monthly updates.