by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian

with contributions by Hazel Raven


This is my go-to book for stones and crystals.  (I am a lover of stones, but no expert – this book is a wonderful resource!)  Both Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian are respected authors and authorities on the metaphysical properties of stones.


The book features beautiful full-color photographs of the stones it covers, and presents the authors’ different perspectives on each one.


For each stone, The Book of Stones lists key words, a natural element (such as Storm, Fire, Earth, Wind, etc.), and the chakras the stone affects.  The physical elements making up the stone are discussed, and also locations where the stone has been found.


Both Mr. Simmons and Ms. Ahsian discuss each stone’s metaphysical qualities.  Mr. Simmons discusses each stone in several paragraphs, and Ms. Ahsian predicts the spiritual, emotional, and physical effects a stone may have, and also provides an affirmation for use with each stone.  Together, the authors provide a wealth of information on each stone the book covers.


Robert Simmons has also written The Pocket Book of Stones, and Stones of the New Consciousness.


Enchanted Moments carries all three books.  If we sell out, ask and we’ll be glad to order a copy for you.